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Excision of the male foreskin has been practiced for religious and cultural reasons for thousands of years. More recently the procedure has become controversial, since it is usually an unnecessary procedure which carries a small risk of complications. The ethics of performing an irreversible procedure without informed patient consent is also debatable. There are however some documented medical benefits of circumcision which decline significantly when circumcision is delayed beyond childhood.

These benefits include a significant reduction in urinary tract infection, elimination of tight foreskin problems, elimination of cancer of the penis risk, and significant reduction in risk of sexually transmitted diseases. The magnitude of these benefits is small in our society, but they are well documented, and last a lifetime. Given that risk of the procedure is very small, and there are balancing benefits, it must surely be legitimate for parents to choose the best option for their son.

BlueWren performs circumcision of healthy boys up to 8 weeks old using local anaesthesia and a plastic ‘bell’ device that is associated with an extremely low complication rate.