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Breast Surgery

The treatment of diseases and deformities of the breast requires accurate diagnosis, a high degree of multidisciplinary cooperation, good surgical judgment and a high level of surgical expertise.


Significant deformities or even absence of a breast after surgery for breast cancer can have a serious psychological impact that continues long after the pain of the initial diagnosis. Fortunately there are now a large number of surgical techniques that can restore an aesthetically acceptable breast shape, even after full mastectomy.

These techniques are individually tailored and may use a combination of available (autologous) body tissues and/or prosthetic implants. The timing and type of surgery depends on many individual factors and the options will be discussed at length prior to any surgery.


The size of breast considered optimal is a very personal judgment and is based on many factors including individual physique, degree of physical activity and cultural factors. Breast size and shape is dynamic over a lifetime and affected by heredity, pregnancy and weight fluctuations.

Excessively large breasts are associated with chronic cervical/shoulder pain, difficult clothing fit, hygiene problems and interference with sporting activity.

Modest reduction in breast size (30-40%) can be achieved with minimal scarring using liposuction alone. Larger reductions require excision of excess skin and thus involve a degree of scarring. Recovery from surgery is usually surprisingly rapid and the benefits appreciated almost immediately.

Most reductions at BlueWren Surgical are performed using a ‘vertical’ technique, which is associated with a minimized scar and excellent long-term retention of breast shape.

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